Monday, January 2, 2017


6 Oil Wells to be Re-Opened in the West Texas Permian Basin, Gains County.

Six oil wells to be re-opened. Each produced about 1 million barrels of oil and will probably produce that amount again. The average production of the 6 wells was 70 Barrels of oil per day, each, for a total of 420 barrels per day ($7 million a year). Each well would cost about $3 million to drill today.

Our job is to re-open these wells and get them producing. You can earn a 20-30% annual return, based on 50BOPD and $50 a barrel. This is a long term play. We have enough acreage and pay zones to drill 40 more wells in the future.

These are deep wells and long term producers. We have completed about 75% of the work and need about $550,000 to finish the job.
1% working interest in all six wells $55,000 = $9,200 per well.
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Keith Bruggeman
Crude Oil Trader